Day 1 of LDR

I’ve never been so emotional about someone leaving the country (for an adequate time enough to be dramatic about). Except this time it happened to be my boyfriend.

Ive had a couple of friends who’ve migrated to the States or Canada. They were migrating. My boyfriend’s contract is only for 10 months and I feel as if I’m grieving over his death. :))

I treated it lightly when he told me his schedule on the cruise ship in Sydney would start on the first week of December. It was all so sudden. He was only given about 3 weeks notice. It got hectic preparing for a going away party for him, moving out of the condo we lived in. So i guess i was too preoccupied to think of him leaving.

It only sunk in the moment we were clearing up the last few things in the condo. He asked me if i wanted any toilettries around the sink. I saw his cologne and i grabbed it. I told him “ill take this, this reminds me of you.” And when i smelled it, i started to tear up. He hadnt used that cologne in over a year but it was what he was wearing when we first met. I’ll never forget the scent and i wish i could keep a lifetime’s supply.

I guess i’m being overly dramatic but i guess thats how it is when youve shared so much of your life with someone and have become so intimate with each other. Now that we’re not physically together i feel like my feelings and love for him have only grown stronger. I am more sure than ever that this is who i wanna spend the rest of my life with.